What are the future development trends of Food additives?

Publish Time: 2024-06-03
The future development trend of food additives can be summarized as follows:

1. Natural green

Development trend: With the improvement of consumers' awareness of health and environmental protection, natural green food additives will become the mainstream of future development. This includes natural antioxidants, natural preservatives, natural pigments, etc., which not only meet consumers' concerns about food safety, but also meet their pursuit of natural and healthy food.

Figures and information: According to the report of China Business Industry Research Institute, natural food additives such as natural flavoring agents and natural antioxidants have been widely favored by the international market in recent years. It is expected that with the further development of the market, the market share of natural food additives will continue to grow.

2. Functional diversification

Development trend: In addition to the basic functions of preservation, flavor enhancement, and flavor enhancement, the functions of food additives will gradually diversify. For example, some additives with health functions, such as dietary fiber and probiotics, will be more and more widely used in food.

Figures and information: The functional research of food additives has become a current research hotspot, and scientific researchers are committed to developing food additives with more health benefits. This will provide more innovation possibilities for the food industry and meet consumers' pursuit of healthy diet.

3. Environmental protection and sustainable development

Development trend: With the intensification of global environmental problems, environmental protection and sustainable development have become important issues for food additives companies. In the future, food additives will pay more attention to green production and sustainable use of resources to reduce pollution to the environment.

Numbers and information: The report of China Business Industry Research Institute pointed out that the food additives industry has entered a period of stable development and is showing a trend of sustainable development. For example, environmental protection measures such as the use of renewable energy and biodegradable materials will gradually be applied in the food additives industry.

4. Safety and standardization

Development trend: Safety and standardization will be another important trend in the future development of food additives. Governments of various countries will strengthen the supervision of food additives to ensure their legal and compliant use in food.

Numbers and information: The new food additives use standard has been released, which clearly stipulates the scope of use and maximum usage of food additives. This will help ensure the safety and compliance of food additives and protect the health rights and interests of consumers.

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